Skellig Monk Irish Blonde Beer
Monks have been producing beer for 1,500 years, and in that time, they have revolutionized and perfected the beer-making process. Brewed in County Kerry, Ireland, McGill’s ‘Skellig Monk’ is a refreshing easy drinking Blonde Ale inspired by the monks who lived on Sceilig Mhichíl. Sceilig Mhichíl, is the larger of the two Skellig Islands, situated 12 kilometres off the Iveragh Peninsula in Kerry. Monks founded a monastery on the island at some point between the 6th and 8th century and it remained continuously occupied until it was abandoned in the late 12th century. The UNESCO World Heritage Site stands as a testament to human endeavor with these monks over coming great challenges to create a monastic settlement on one of the most amazing places on earth. This beer is balanced, light, with bread-like malt flavors and citrusy hops and subtle, fruity yeast. This style is subtly sweet, and known for its easy-to-drink approachability.

Ingredients: hops, barley malt, yeast, and waterBrewed in County Kerry, Ireland.

500 ml e
ABV: 4.5 %
Store in a cool dry place
Best served chilled

Suggested Foods: Lighter food: chicken, salads, salmon, bratwurst; Monterey jack cheese, white fish.
Cheeses: Monterey Jack, brick or similar light, nutty cheese.
Deserts: Light apricot or mandarin cake, lemon custard tart.
Serving Temp: 4.5–7 °C 40–45 °F